We implement full installation of fibre optic networks. These services include core alignment fusion splicing, hot melt terminations and testing.
We operate our own equipment for carrying out termination and testing works and carry a stock of fibre optic consumables (splices, pigtails, etc) for rapid cable terminations or repair as required.

Having identified a need for robust, dependable and fast communications for renewable energy projects, we previously launched a venture to deliver a new generation of communications services to renewable energy developers within Orkney, providing a reliable and cost effective alternative to BT.

Utilising a combination of microwave and fibre optic technology we can deliver bespoke communications solutions to renewable energy sites in locations previously unreachable by traditional copper networks, and with the true 21st century bandwidths, symmetry and redundancy as required by renewable energy developers.

We offer experience in design, installation and maintenance of fibre optic networks in harsh environments, managing the network through intelligent cabling techniques.

We are qualified and certified to carry out installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and surveys on offshore installations & marine vessels.