BJRE’s involvement in wind turbines can be traced back decades to the early 1980’s when Bryan Rendall, then a young budding engineer, started experimenting with small scale wind turbines on Orkney. Lucas Freelites and Winchargers featured amongst these, and laid the foundation for a long involvement with wind energy, spanning 5 decades.

Our experience in large scale wind energy (multi megawatt scale) dates back to the 1990’s when we were involved in the 3MW LS1 project on Burgar Hill, followed by a number of windfarm construction projects in Europe.

Now totalling over 1500 wind turbines and over 1000 MVA of associated substations and collection systems, BJRE Ltd has an extensive portfolio of renewable energy projects ranging from householder and community energy schemes for off-grid Scottish islands, to multi megawatt offshore wind farms with locations stretching from California to Australia.

We specialise in electrical and renewable engineering from design and supply through to construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. BJRE’s experience includes, grid connections of single turbines, large substations up to 180MVA/220kV, biomass, wave and tidal power, including the European Marine Energy Centre. We also provide full fibre optic network solutions, microwave and VHF/UHF Radio.

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