BJRE has 18 years experience in Marine Renewables, and as the electrical consultant and contractor to the European Marine Energy Centre on Orkney, has amassed a wide range of experience in terminating and testing submarine cables for both EMEC and the developers of wave and tidal devices who use the facilities that EMEC provide. Whilst onshore wind farm cable terminating and testing is relatively straight forward, our work on subsea cables requires higher levels of expertise. We have now carried out a wide range of different types of termination and test works for the marine energy sector including:

  • Subsea cable stripping and preparation (double wire armoured cables, dry and flooded)
  • Cable splicing and termination works (power core, auxiliary cores and fibre optics)
  • Cable testing – DC, VLF, TDR, OTDR, etc
  • All from both onshore and offshore ends of the cables.

BJRE works very closely with testing facility on electrical operations and maintenance, at both the wave site at Billia Croo near Stromness, and the tidal site at the Falls of Warness off Eday.

EMEC’s role is to give developers the opportunity to generate electricity at sea and feed that power into the National Grid – BJRE’s expertise is crucially important in making these high-voltage electrical connections work safely and successfully.

BJRE have developed a portfolio of new services tailored to the needs of the developers involved in wave and tidal energy generation.

As the Electrical Consultant to EMEC, BJRE regularly carry out design reviews for marine energy developments. Using the latest version of ETAP software, we can carry out all manner of design studies ranging from electrical System Design and Design Reviews

  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Load Flows
  • Transient Stability Analysis,
  • Earth Grid design
  • Hot / Cold site determination
  • Cable Thermal Rating Studies

Add to that personnel with offshore survival certification, and it’s easy to see how BJRE is not just ready to help the marine renewable energy sector, but is very much doing so already.