Wind turbines and wind farms were BJRE’s introduction to commercial wind power and renewable engineering, back in the 1990s.

BJRE service experience extends to major intervention works including rotor removal and replacement, gearbox/main shaft replacements, generator replacements etc. Services are offered as a complete, all encompassing solution, where we provide all works. However, for a number of turbine manufacturer’s, we offer “2nd man support” to work along with a manufacturers representative. We are open to working either way.

For a number of turbine owners, we provide turnkey site management services, whereby we take care of all site specific operations and management functions. Effectively, we offer a “complete windfarm operation service” to clients that require it.

BJRE has developed a significant expertise on the NEG-Micon turbines, which are now part of Vestas, and this latest contract means they are carrying out operations and maintenance on almost all the NEG-Micon turbines in Scotland.

Back here in Orkney, BJRE continue to provide operations and maintenance on much of the windfarm scale turbines for Orkney Renewable Energy Ltd, Npower and Triodos, and have carried out all the electrical works on the latest round of wind turbines to be delivered and erected.


As a company who can carry out everything in house, from system design through installation and commissioning to Operations and Maintenance, we become largely immune from the contractual issues that often beset projects where a large number of contractors are involved. We have an extensive portfolio of happy customers who enjoy the “one stop shop” service we offer.

Balance of Plant

Onshore wind farm Electrical Balance of Plant Works. As Orkney’s only contractor with the expertise, plant and manpower to carry out all electrical BoP works, we have been involved in doing so on every wind project in Orkney. From design through to commissioning, BJRE keep all works in house, including cable laying, earthing network installation, and switchgear commissioning. Design works are carried out by experienced engineers, using ETAP system design software. Cable laying works we carry out ourselves in order to maintain our high quality of works. We also carry out our own cable terminations and testing, and own and operate our own 60 kV VLF test set for this purpose